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Why Does My Computer Freeze During a YouTube Video?

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    General RAM Shortage

    • If your computer freezes when you play a YouTube video, make sure you aren't overloading the system with unnecessary processes above and beyond the video. YouTube recommends a minimum of 128MB RAM to view videos, but other applications and processes on your computer also occupy the system's available RAM, which can lead to periodic freezing. To lessen the chances of another freeze happening, exit out of any other programs you aren't using, particularly high-memory usage programs that play or edit video or audio files, or messaging or chat applications such as Skype or Windows Live Messenger.

    Web Browser Deficiency

    • YouTube recommends that you use at least the following versions of supported browsers to view YouTube videos: Firefox version 1.1, Internet Explorer 7.0, Safari 1.0, any version of Chrome or any version of Opera. If your browser is out of date or not supported at all, you may experience problems viewing videos, up to and including the freezing of your computer. To remedy this problem, download or upgrade to a supported browser or a supported version of your current browser.

    Internet Connection Problem

    • A slow Internet connection may cause your computer to freeze when you attempt to load a YouTube video. If the Internet connection isn't fast enough to load the video quickly, the computer nonetheless allocates memory to the process in an attempt to load the video at normal speed. The computer's use of resources, combined with the starting and stopping of a video that loads at a slow pace, may lead to freezes or other fleeting malfunctions with the computer. To avoid this problem, connect your computer to a reliable Internet connection, or if your connection is usually reliable, contact your Internet service provider to inquire about problems that may be slowing it down.

    Video Card Malfunctions

    • Even if you have a modern system and use a speedy Internet connection, viewing videos on YouTube may cause your computer to operate slowly or even freeze. In this instance the computer's video card, a component dedicated to the playing and processing or videos, may be malfunctioning. The video card controls all videos, both those you view online and streaming as is the case with YouTube, as well as videos you've downloaded and saved onto your computer. To test whether the video card may be to blame, load a video you have saved on your hard drive on your computer. If doing so freezes the computer, the video card is a likely cause of the freezing.

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