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Cost of Gastric Banding Surgery

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Before we look at costs of gastric banding surgery we look at the costs of obesity.
Based on estimates of 10 years ago the annual medical cost to treat patients who are over weight or obese has been estimated to be 79 billion US dollars and the cost on health care now rivals that of smoking.
Your own personal cost of living with obesity can also be significant.
Consider what you might spend on the following items: * Out of pocket healthcare expenses * Over-the-counter medication costs * Co-pays for doctor office visits * Co-pays for lab work * Co-pays for specialists * Co-pays for physical therapists/allied health professionals * Prescription co-pays * Employment inactivity costs (days of missed work) * Non-surgical weight loss programs (such as WeightWatchers® or Jenny Craig®) * Grocery and dining costs These expenditures can quickly add up and you will find a dramatic reduction in your costs with reduction in your weight.
For the actual cost of Gastric Banding procedure varies from state to state and even from city to city, it's difficult to predict actual costs and the differences can be summarized into three areas: * The type of health plan you have * If your surgeon/hospital you choose is an in-network provider * If your procedure is done on an in-patient (overnight) or out-patient (same day discharge) basis.
Generally, the cost of the Gastric Banding procedure (facility, surgeon, and anesthesiologist) in the USA can range from $12,000 to $25,000 and will typically include the costs of adjustments for the first year after surgery.
After the first year, follow-up visits will range from $35 to $200 each, depending on what is involved.
Please keep in mind, post-surgical follow-up is crucial to achieving your best possible results.
Insurance and Health Plans Today, many health plans in the USA will (including Medicare and, in some states, Medicaid) cover the cost of Adjustable Gastric Banding Surgery, therefore some if not all of the costs may be covered.
Each health plan will have certain criteria that need to be met before you can actually have the surgery.
In certain cases, your insurance plan might not cover the cost of Gastric Banding Surgery.
They may issue a "denial" to your "prior authorization request".
Depending on the reason, you and your doctor may still be able to reverse the denial.
Payment Options Potential Tax Savings In the year you finance or pay cash for your gastric banding surgery, you may be eligible to receive thousands of dollars back in potential tax savings.
IRS Publication 502 states you can deduct your medical and dental expenses when they total more than 7.
5% of your Adjusted Gross Income (see IRS publication 502, page 2).
Check with your accountant or tax advisor for further information.
Remember, tax and financial circumstances are different for each person and the laws are constantly changing.
This information should be not be considered financial advice or used as a substitute for the advice of an accountant or tax advisor.
Seek financial advice from a professional for any questions you have.
Hope this has given you an insight into Costs of Gastric Banding Surgery.
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