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How to Lose Fat From Legs - The No Gym Way

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If you are wondering how to lose fat from the legs, but you do not want to go to the gym, I have good news for you.
There are easy ways you can do exercises that targets your legs without going to the gym.
Read on for the details.
Let's get the first thing out of the way first; only part of the answer to "How to lose fat from legs" is exercise.
You will have to go onto a healthy balanced diet as well.
In this article though, I'm going to give you some exercise tips that you do not need a gym for.
Easy leg exercises: Walking; I always start with walking because it is the easiest exercise anyone can do anywhere! Think of all the opportunities you have in your daily routine where you can fit in some walking.
If it is possible to make it uphill, it will better target your legs.
Climbing stairs; always take the stairs if at all possible.
Try and put some energy into it and you will really work those legs Running: if you are fit enough, running is a very good idea.
Once again, to better target your legs, try and run uphill.
Dancing: go out with your friends and dance your heart out.
Dancing really works those legs, and all the time you are having fun! Just steer clear from the calorie laden drinks that usually accompany dancing.
Stick to water, it is very good to wash away all the toxins.
Calf raises; this is a very good exercise for your legs that you can do anywhere.
Stand on a stair, with your heels hanging over the edge.
Now rise onto your toes and slowly back again as far as your heels will go.
Do this everyday, at least three sets of ten each and you will soon see results.
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