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Declutter and Organize Your Home Office For Success

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Is your work at home office space organized? Is your desk neat and tidy? Can you find specific business documents on your computer with ease?

Or...Are you completely distracted by the mess in front of you as you work? Are you overwhelmed with that home desk clutter?!

If you answered "no" to the first three questions and "yes" to the last two...you need a work at home office space overhaul. For some people, it is normal to have three or four stacks of paperwork scattered on top their desk.

While for others, those stacks of papers are a real eyesore! A messy, unorganized work area often makes you distracted and unfocused. It is a well-known fact that an organized home office always results in a more productive home business. That same organized work area also saves time and money.

For Example:

If you're wasting time constantly searching your computer for lost documents, doesn't this cost you time and money? The same goes for searching for that one piece of paper among the endless disorderly accumulation displayed in front of you.

So, wouldn't you much rather have a nice, organized home office with everything in it's place? Of course you would!

Unless...stacks of paper, lost documents on your desktop, and mounds of notes cluttering your desk is your cup of tea.

Below are just a few organization tips for your home business office:

1. If you don't own a file cabinet, it's best to invest in one. Obtain a good filing system. Keep a drawer for your household items and a drawer for your home business items. Always keep household and business separate.

2. Keep a business-to-do list on your desk at all times. Follow that list each and everyday, checking off tasks as they are completed. Make a list and stick to it.

3. Keep your files and documents in order on your desk top with their appropriate labels for ease of searching.

4. Set specific business hours. Set aside this time for your home business. Also set a specific time to do your household work. Sure, there will always be things that will come up...you have to run to the store and get milk, or you have to run to the vet. Always get right back on your schedule after these home chores are completed. No exceptions!

5. Look around your office. Is there anything on your desk, in your drawers, or up on a shelf that you don't have any use for anymore? If so, throw it out. Pitch anything you don't need or use. Why keep your work area cluttered with useless items?

6. Throw away junk mail immediately. Always keep a trash can by your desk.

7. You will always have a need for office supplies. But these items take up a lot of space. Invest in some drawer dividers for various different sized items. You can purchase drawer organizers at any office supply store. The idea is to declutter. And again, always throw out things you don't need.

8. If you're confined to a very small work area, you might consider purchasing a laptop. Laptops are getting cheaper by the dozen and they often come with good deals with rebates. Shop around, you may be surprised at what you can find.

Clutter doesn't have to completely destroy your day or your business. Take action and get organized. Don't put it off any longer, do it today! With some effort and a little creativity, you can have a more efficient work space.
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