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DVI Cable Information

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    • DVI is a visual interface standard used to produce visual graphics on display devices such as digital projectors and flat-panel LCD computer monitors. A DVI cable is used as a DVI technology interface, or connection point between computers and monitors.


    • DVI technology involves the transmission of highly illuminated pixels, or basic units of image components, in the form of binary data. Binary is a code that is made up of a series of ones and zeros that a computer can understand. The monitor receives the binary data through the DVI cable, and is then able to interpret the binary into the necessary level of illumination, or brightness, to apply to the appropriate image pixels.


    • A DVI cable typically connects to a device called a DVI connector. The DVI connector contains pins used to transmit DVI digital video signals. DVI cables are able to support a maximum level of resolution based on the bandwidth requirements of that resolution. For example, a 50 foot DVI cable can display resolution levels of up to 1,280 by 1,200.

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