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D-Link Gaming Router Tricks

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    Securing the Router

    • Most D-Link gaming routers come with a default login of “admin” and no password. Set your own password as soon as possible or else your network will be susceptible to intrusions. If you choose to setup wireless networking, set up a private wireless network by choosing WPA-PSK2 or better security, which requires a passphrase to gain access.

    Choose Wired Networking over WiFi

    • Though the DGL series does come with 802.11b/g/n wireless networking capabilities, gamers should opt to use the wired network whenever possible. Wireless network connection quality can be affected by distance and radio interference. A wired connection directly to the router offers a more-stable network connection and smoother overall gaming experience.

    Enable DHCP Reservation

    • DHCP (Dynamic Host Connection Protocol) is the protocol that the router uses to assign a unique IP address to each device on the router. DHCP Reservation allows a particular device to reserve the same IP address each time it renews its network connection. DHCP reservation makes it possible to perform other optimization tasks such as port forwarding and packet prioritization.

    Packet Prioritization

    • D-Link DGL routers include a technology called “StreamEngine” by Ubicom. This technology is called “packet prioritization.” Similar to port forwarding, packet prioritization recognizes incoming data and forwards it to its destination. The difference is that this data is now given priority over any other data on the network. For example, if a gamer enables Rock Band 2 data to be prioritized via StreamEngine, the router will recognize incoming Rock Band 2 data and give it priority over any other traffic on the network to get to its destination.

    UPnP and Port Forwarding

    • Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) allows a router to open ports for games as requested by devices on the network. UPnP can be enabled on D-Link devices by going to the "Advanced" > "Advanced Settings" menu on the router.

      If UPnP is enabled and a device is still unable to connect to an online game, port forwarding should resolve the problem. Enabling port forwarding will allow a user to manually open ports for particular games on the router that will then automatically forward game data to the defined destination.

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