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Who is the Coolest Guy On The Planet

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The Coolest guy on the planet term became popular in 2005.
When two internet marketers were discussing this term over a coffee one day and then decided to get the number 1 position in the search engines for this term.
These Internet marketers then told their friends and then others decided to join in to see if they can get the Number 1 listing in the main search engines for this term, specifically Google, Yahoo and MSN search engines.
To date there are now over 1 million pages in google.
com that contain the term "the coolest guy on the planet.
Internet marketers have used different strategies to gain the number 1 listing for this term, including purchasing domains with the words coolest guy on the planet, within the actual top level domain names.
Others have used 3rd party free hosts such as blogger and typepad to create sub domains containing these words.
Though the majority of people vying for the number 1 listing in the search engines are relying on the power of creating back links with the words the coolest guy on the planet as anchor text within the links pointing to their main sites.
On internet marketer who keeps a record on his blog that is dedicated to this competition has recorded his efforts on his blog.
He was new to internet marketing and search engine optimization when he came across this coolest guy on the planet competition.
In twelve months since he has started he went from a complete novice to now ranking on the front page of Google for this term.
His efforts to get his website listed highly for this term have taught him many valuable lessons in getting his website ranking highly for this term.
Specifically understanding onpage SEO, where he manipulates the content of his website, making changes to the keyword density of the webpage related to his main target key phrase and the main key phrases in links within his website, and offpage seo, specifically concentrating on gaining links from other websites that link to his main website focusing on the quality and quantity of the links focusing on the anchor text of the links pointing to his main website about the coolest guy on the planet.
This is the beauty of online competitions like this one.
The are free to join, and great for people new to the internet and internet marketing in general, learning what works and what doesn't work to get their websites listed.
And using this knowledge to get their other websites that generate income for them to rank highly for the niches they are targeting.
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