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Getting Paid During National Guard Basic Training

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    National Guard Members Are Paid for Time Served

    • National Guard members who attend mandatory training courses one weekend per month and two weeks per year receive monetary compensation similar to that received by members of other military branches. Because National Guard service members are not active duty, though, they do not receive a consistent income like their full-time military counterparts. Instead, National Guard members are compensated for each Unit Training Assembly (UTA) and Active Training (AT) day completed. The compensation varies according to the member's job, time of service, and rank, but pay is typically consistent across service levels.

    National Guard Members Receive Direct Deposit

    • In a civilian job, many employees are free to choose whether their financial compensation is directly deposited into a bank account or paid by cash or check. National Guard members do not have this choice, though. According to Army Times, a military-specific online magazine, all members of the United States military must complete form 1199A and have their pay directly deposited into a bank account. Members of the National Guard must maintain an active checking or savings account to receive payment.

    Some Employers Offer Regular Pay

    • National Guard members receive compensation from the Department of Defense for time spent in training, but some members who maintain civilian jobs may also receive compensation from their employers. Under the Ready Employers Willing to Assist Reservists' Deployment Act of 2009 (REWARD, HR Bill 433), employers receive a tax credit for compensation paid to employees who are National Guard members and have been called to duty. While REWARD only provides a tax credit when the employee has been called away, some employers also continue regular paychecks while employees attend training. When National Guard members receive payment from their civilian employer for time spent in training, the payment is received by whatever channel the employee normally receives his or her salary.

    Veterans Affairs and Dual Compensation

    • National Guard members may not receive dual compensation from the Department of Veterans Affairs and the National Guard. They must waive one of the two payments by completing VA Form 21-8951, Notice of Waiver of VA Compensation or Pension to Receive Military Pay and Allowance. According to the website for the North Dakota National Guard, service members typically receive higher compensation when they choose to waive VA benefits than they do when they waive their National Guard training payment.

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