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How to Arrange Furniture With a Slanted Ceiling

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    • 1). Sketch the room on a blank piece of paper to save time when decorating the space. Add the desired pieces of furniture to the paper to create a visual without actually moving the items. Continue to add or erase items until you are satisfied with the result.

    • 2). Place the largest piece of furniture in the room first to create a focal point. This is a bed if you wish to use the room as a spare bedroom, or an entertainment center if the space is a mini-living room. Place the largest item that fits under the slope so you leave the full walls and windows free for other items of furniture. Use a headboard or shelf that is the same height or slightly shorter than the slope.

    • 3). Place a dresser or chest against the full wall opposite to the bed. Push the dresser against the wall and mount its mirror directly above. If the room is a living room, place the seating arrangement against the wall opposite the entertainment center. If desired, place a low table in front of the seating arrangement. Opt for smaller seats that do not take up much space.

    • 4). Place a tall lamp at a corner of the seating arrangement for illumination. Mount shelves along the center or corners of the tall walls to increase storage or display space.

    • 5). Set an armoire, rocking chair, two chairs with a small table or small desk and chair near the window with a view so you take in the scenery while relaxing, writing, sewing, knitting or pursuing your hobby. Stand an upright shelf near the window to increase storage space without appearing too obtrusive.

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