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Agreements Beyond Time - Change Your Habits Now

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If you try pure self discipline and will force to change your habits, you can still do it, however, is going to take massive amounts of energy to change little things, its is going to cause disruptions and break outs in your current modes of living, and ultimately it will left you wandering if it was worth it to destroy your life, just to get one or two changes to live better.
Then the remedy comes out to be worst than the actual disease.
The great thing is that you can actually change things in harmonious ways, making small implementations and adaptations to your current routines.
By making small agreements with yourself and executing them, until your mind actually realizes there is no other remedy than assimilating the new behavior to your life.
It's easier than it sounds let's take a look.
Lets say you want to become a more punctual individual because you always run late to work or to whatever appointment or date.
You have resolved so many times to change that habit but you haven't had any success with it.
First you have to check your actual routine and see what causes you to be late.
You notice two things that affect.
One you go to sleep late and you don't want to wake up in the morning, and second, you have to bathe, brush your teeth, comb your hair, do this whole thing with no energy because you didn't get enough sleep.
So you leave a post it note on your computer, or on your bathroom mirror, to remind you, to bathe at night, have your things ready for the morning and go to sleep two hours earlier.
Think of it as a letter that you write to your own future self, and once you read it in the future the circle gets closed and the internal agreement gets assimilated.
You do this two or three times in a row, until you start to wake up earlier in the morning.
Let yourself be exited about it and make it a big deal, celebrate your accomplishment.
Say "Oh yea baby, I did it and I still have time for breakfast wow.
" Over time you can throw away the post its, and continue with your next habit in the list.
You will build a new routine one step at a time and it wont even consume your energy and save you a lot of guilt trips and frustrations.
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