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How to Use a Free Add on to Tame an Outlook Inbox

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    Take Back Your Inbox With Xobni

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      Click the Download button to start your Zobni installation

      Go to Xobni (pronounced ZOB-nee) and click the big yellow button to download the add-on. Your computer will download the ZobniSetup.exe file. Remember where the file was saved. Once download is complete, click the file name to launch installation. Click "I Agree" to accept the user license agreement.

    • 2). Xobni will, by default, install itself into your folder C:\Program Files\Xobni. If you want to install Zobni in another directory, click Browse to choose the new location. Once the location is chosen, click Install. If your version of Outlook is running, you'll need to click OK to close Outlook before installation can proceed. When Setup is complete, click Next.

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      Zobni control panel indexes your e-mails after installation

      Click finish to complete installation and launch Outlook. Instead of your normal Outlook display, you'll see a new panel docked to the right side of Outlook's screen. Once Zobni is installed, it will immediately begin indexing your existing mail. Once your mail is indexed, the fun begins.Following indexing, Zobni will analyze all of your e-mails so it can display a list of related people, show historical conversations and display any files that have been exchanged between you and a contact.

    • 4). Click on any e-mail and watch the magic in the Zobni sidebar begin. The first thing you'll notice is every communication you've ever had with the person sending the e-mail, including a graph denoting the times of day this particular contact sent you e-mail. What good is this information? If you only receive e-mails from someone after 10 in the morning, it's probably a safe bet that they're not a morning person.

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      Zobni contact panels

      Look at the Network section of the sidebar to find contacts in common, the Conversations section to track down an e-mail topic from two weeks ago, or Files Exchanged to see a list of every file you and the active contact have shared. How cool is that.

    • 6). Click any historical e-mail header in the Conversations panel, and a new panel will open displaying the entire e-mail message. Never again will you have to leave what you're doing to search through old e-mails. Or, if you're trying to track down all instances of a software product a friend told you about, just type it in the search box and Zobni will (almost) instantly display every e-mail that ever contained the name of the software. Search is blazing fast.

    • 7). Once you begin taming the Outlook beast by integrating all of the contact information with conversations, files and historical e-mails, you'll never pull the plug on this amazing free Microsoft Outlook add-on.

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