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How Is the Brake Pedal Attached Inside a Car?

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    Brake Pedal Position

    • A brake pedal consists of a foot pad that attaches to a spring-loaded pedal arm. The pedal arm pushes hydraulic fluid, based on the depression of the pad, to the master cylinder---the device used to force the fluid through slave cylinders which act as wheel-braking units.


    • An additional pedal arm connects the pedal to the master cylinder for added flexibility. This pedal arm enables brake pad movement, allowing it to swivel at different angles.

    Brake Pedal Problems

    • A firm brake pedal, one difficult to push down, often results from obstructions in the brake line that block the passage of hydraulic fluid, such as deposits or kinks in the line. A spongy or loose brake pedal often is caused by air in the brake line due to fluid loss, improper bleeding or a low fluid level.

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