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Learning Jazz Piano

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Learning jazz piano is much easier when you have the basics of playing the piano.
Learning to play jazz on the piano will allow you to move your playing ability to the next level.
You must focus your studies on scales, chords and triads.
When studying scales you must study all major, minor and augmented scales to start.
There are many types of scales to study, but these are the scales to start with.
You should also study the chords to each one of those different type of scales.
This will be great ear training for you.
Having a good ear is one of the best things you can have in jazz.
You will be able to pick up on what key the band is playing and what changes in the music will be coming.
Learning jazz piano is to know some basic music theory.
You should start practicing and know all twelve (12) scales.
This could and should be easy.
Because in theory,"B" major scale is the same as "C" flat scale.
The F# scale is the same as the G flat scale.
The C Sharp scale is the same as the D Flat scale.
Although each scale is the same but have a different name, they are all part of the twelve scales you should practice and remember.
Here are the 12 Major and Minor scales 1.
C Major--A Minor 2.
G Major--E Minor (1 sharp) 3.
D Major--B Minor (2 sharps) 4.
A Major--F# Minor (3 sharps) 5.
E Major--C# Minor (4 sharps) 6.
B Major--G# Minor (5 sharps) 7.
F# Major--D# Minor (6 sharps) 8.
Db Major--Bb Minor (5 flats) 9.
Ab Major--F Minor (4 flats) 10.
Eb Major--C Minor (3 flats) 11.
Bb Major--G Minor (2 flats) 12.
F Major-- D Minor (1 flat) Learning jazz piano is not an easy task.
You should make sure you can read music and can play some simple or basic jazz ideas.
Try and practice everything you hear in music to find out what key the music is being played in.
Buy song books and practiced and study from them.
Playing jazz on the piano takes time and practice, but in the end it will pay big dividends.
Knowing how to play jazz and read music will help you to be a very in demand musician.
So stop thinking about it and start learning jazz piano.
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