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Shared Hosting Limitations

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There are many options to host a website on the internet nowadays and one of the most commonly used options is shared hosting.
What is a shared hosting? Shared hosting is a service that is able to host multiple websites in a single server.
All the websites in the server will be sharing the resources in it.
Like many other things, the shared hosting has got its advantages and disadvantages.
It is very affordable for someone to obtain the service of a shared server.
This is the main reason that this hosting option is the favourite way for webmasters to host their websites.
Many users still choose shared hosting even though their website is sharing a server with other websites which may bring several problems to them.
They do not mind this because the amount that they have to pay for a shared hosting service is very cheap.
Well, the first thing that we understand about a shared hosting is that it hosts more than a single website.
This means that the resources in the server will be shared by all the websites in it.
Therefore, you will be getting fewer resources for your website.
Furthermore, you will be sharing the IP address will all the other websites in the same server as you.
The IP address plays a very important part for your online activities.
It is used in search engines for visitors to find you.
If one of the website in the server runs into trouble by having some issues with the search engine, the IP address will be de-indexed by Google and this will hurt your website.
While this remains a risk for shared hosting users, it is not a common problem that always occurs because hosting providers are doing a good job in educating their users about the content that they are allowed to put in their website.
Nevertheless, it is still a problem that can happen to you if you are using this type of hosting.
As for the technical assistance, you will get low support priority from the host provider when you want to get support from them.
This is only logical because the provider will give priority to customers who pay more for their hosting service.
In this case, they are the dedicated hosting customers.
So, you won't be surprise to find yourself waiting on the phone because they are probably attending to a dedicated hosting customer.
Furthermore, the security and site performance that you get from a shared hosting cannot be compared with a dedicated hosting.
This is due to the fact that many websites are sharing the server.
So, you will get decreased performance meaning that your website will load slower and might even suffer downtime caused by the lack of server resources.
With limited amount of bandwidth, your pages might even freeze or fail to load in many occasions.
This is a nuisance for the visitors that arrive at your website.
If you are running an online business, this will create a huge disbelief for your customers.
In conclusion, there is no doubt that you can get a website up and running on the internet by choosing a shared hosting.
However, you must be prepared to accept that there will be a lot of areas where you will have to face problems as time goes by.
If you are serious about running an online business, I suggest that you do not consider the shared hosting option.
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