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Management By Consciousness - The Practice

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"Eternal peace is your real existence.
It is not a state or truth to be attained - but to be consciously realized"- OSHO (Bhagwan Rajanish) We all live in an organized natural system called cosmos.
The very name 'cosmos' implies harmony.
Everything in this universe is interrelated through a set of unshakable cosmic laws.
Like in the solar system, the planets revolve around the sun in a specific manner.
The members of this system are held together by gravitational force.
How this gravitational force came about is something beyond our normal comprehension.
And there are millions of such solar systems in our galaxy, and they in turn move about in relation to each other guided by specific laws.
And there are millions of such galaxies! We can not even comprehend where the universe begins and ends! If there were not an organized system amongst the objects of the universe, there would be utter chaos instead of cosmos.
However, the fact remains that the cosmos has existed, is existing and will continue to persist, by some primordial energy.
Man is not even a speck in the whole universe.
Our achievements are minuscule compared to what nature can do.
Even those achievements are again, recognition of natural laws, which have been in existence since the birth of this universe.
Apples have been falling since time immemorial.
But it was left to a Newton to inquire and recognise the law of gravitation.
At the other end of the spectrum, we have atoms, the smallest indivisible constituents of matter.
Debate is continuing as to the nature of atoms, whether they are matter or certain quanta of energy.
Both seem to be applicable depending on the context in question.
So, we neither have a full vision of the universe nor the perfect grasp of the structure of an atom.
This is bound to be so, since all our research is based on external observations, logic as understood by the left-brain.
We are unable to accept that there are many things that do happen, which can not be explained by rational reasoning.
Yet, there are a number of phenomena, which elude our understanding.
The first thing we have to do is to accept the fact that each one of us has a specific place in this vast universe like any other object, say a planet.
We have to understand that laws of nature control every one of us, and that what is outside of us, is firmly linked to our inner selves.
The more we get to understand our own inner nature, the better our perception will be of how things work around us.
Then we become conscious of the options available to us to make our decisions.
This is the starting point of MBC (Management by Consciousness) - a holistic approach to decision-making.
Being aware that you are part of a whole - and that you are a cog in a big wheel, which moves to a certain pattern.
Understanding this is an internal process.
In chemistry or physics, we can understand the laws by conducting experiments in the respective laboratories.
To understand your nature, your consciousness is the laboratory.
And the tools are your body, mind and intellect.
The next important step is to tune up the tools of our laboratory.
To bring our body, mind and intellect to a level such that they are in the best state for the experiments we are planning to conduct.
Before going into this, we must understand two basic principles of MBC.
The first principle is based on Einstein's proposition that energy and matter are transmutable.
The sum total of energy and matter in this universe is constant.
Everything in this universe is a combination of energy and matter in varying degrees.
A stone has more matter.
Its energy is potential depending on where it sits.
A monkey would be a totally different combination of energy and matter.
Likewise, each one of us is a specific combination of energy and matter, the actual mix being unique to each person.
Now, the energy present in each matter emits vibrations, electromagnetic or otherwise.
So, all of us tend to send out vibrations.
The frequencies of these vibrations are unique to each individual.
Here, we humans have a special advantage, which no other species of nature has.
The vibrations emitted by a football, do not change throughout its existence.
Whereas, we humans, have been gifted with the facility of thinking and discrimination.
This gives us the tremendous edge to control our vibrations to varying degrees.
When two people meet, they may behave amicably or antagonistically, depending upon whether they are in the same wavelength or not.
Again, the very same group of people who fight amongst themselves at a point of time, might at some other time, become great friends.
Like married couples! This only proves that we operate from varying degrees of vibrations.
Only, most of us are not fully aware of these changes taking place within us.
Still few understand that we can have perfect control over these vibrations with a little practice and discipline.
The second principle is that each individual energy field is linked to the universal energy.
By tuning one's own energy vibrations, a person can get access to another energy field, irrespective of the time or distance, and acquire information or make contact with another person without visual or verbal communication.
To some of you this may sound like a hoax.
But, the fact is that it is absolutely true.
Proof of this can be got only by practice.
How many times do we stumble upon people, of whom we had just been thinking? Or, the nagging feeling that some specific thing is going to happen (may be quite far away), and you find that it has actually happened at the very same moment the thought came to you.
You must have heard of Uri Geller who could draw the same picture that somebody was sketching, sitting in a different room.
A corollary of this principle of universal energy field is that our thoughts are forces that emanate from individual energy fields.
Which means, our thoughts travel through the universal energy field all the time.
One can pick up the thoughts of another person by proper tuning.
Like tuning on to an FM radio station! Telepathy falls into this category.
Ancient Indian wisdom does not consider this as something extraordinary.
Again, these thought forces are very subtle, but powerful.
You can make inanimate things move, if you know how to apply these forces! Does this sound like some gibberish? Take the example of Uri Geller again.
He could bend a spoon just by looking at it.
Rasputin, the Russian Queen's lover, is another example who displayed such powers.
However, neither of these two happen to have acquired these powers by disciplined practice.
They can be considered as Nature's freaks.
But, rest assured that such powers are well within the reach of every one of us.
(In fact, Yuri Geller spent a lot of time introspecting and subjecting himself to many experiments, to understand his special powers.
One of his interesting books "Mind Power Kit" throws a lot of light on our current discussions.
Very few people know that he helped CIA & FBI extensively in solving serial crimes, breaking Russian computer codes and so on using his mental powers.
) The sum total of these two principles is that our consciousness is an energy field, and that all the thoughts and wisdom ever generated by every species, are all floating around in the great universal energy cauldron.
In MBC we try to tune our own energy field, to the universal energy field.
By doing that, all the wisdom available in the universe comes to you at your beck and call.
The level of success depends upon the degree to which you focus your consciousness.
So it is absolutely necessary to have total control over your body, mind and intellect.
This brings us back to where we left off, namely, tuning up the tools of our laboratory.
We start with tuning up of our gross form, that is, our body.
After all, our body is the abode of our mind, intellect and soul.
The seat of our mind and intellect is in our physical brain.
So, only if our body enjoys better health, we can hope to tune up our mind.
For this, the body should be at ease all the time.
If we have any health problem, it gets into a state of dis-ease, leading to some affliction.
Disease is caused by accumulation of toxins in our body, which have not been removed by natural evacuation processes.
The build-up of such toxins is due to our own food habits.
There are countless number of books on this subject.
One book brought out by the Association of Scientists, Engineers and Technologists, Bangalore, titled "Be Healthy" gives a crisp account of how to maintain our health through proper selection of foods.
Suffice it to say that we should have total control on the functioning of our body.
It is quite simple if one has the will.
We have to just remember that any disturbance caused in our body system disturbs the mental process also.
The next step involves tuning up our emotions.
Emotions are a mental process wherein our intellect takes a back seat.
They are a result of our upbringing and social exposure.
The way we are brought up right from our childhood puts into us a lot of inhibitions and rigid codes of conduct.
Most people seldom question the veracity of such notions as, "Don't walk under a ladder", or "Guys don't make passes at gals wearing glasses" etc.
There are worse ones like "the Chinese are a cunning race", or "Smiling in front of your subordinates, makes you weak" etc.
As we grow up we shed quite a number of such narrow beliefs.
But many continue to still hang on to some uninspected beliefs.
In daily life, we go through a number of emotions - anger, fear, jealousy, guilt, greed, lust, love, joy, remorse, desperation etc.
Except for love and joy, all the rest are negative emotions.
These negative emotions tend to erode our inner energy.
Wherever our mind rules over our intellect, such negative feelings crop up.
So, it goes without saying that we should be cautious enough to keep the head ruling over the heart and not vice versa.
That is easier said than done! Because, the mind is like a monkey.
That too not an ordinary one, but inebriated, and to make matters worse, bitten by a black scorpion.
This is how Swami Vivekananda describes the state of the mind of ordinary mortals.
Our mind works in multifarious planes.
Like, when I am writing this piece, one part of my mind plans what should come next.
Another part visualises the state of the poor monkey.
A third part of my mind may be thinking about a family work.
Yet another part thinks about some pending work at the office.
All these thoughts flash across within a matter of a fraction of a second and repeat again and again in jumbled fashion.
And the associated emotions are also felt.
Sometimes one wonders whether we are just one single person or many.
This happens because of our tendency to go along with our thoughts, rather than taking the thoughts along with us.
This leads to the increased frequency of our mental vibrations.
Our thoughts tend to move about at a feverish pitch, rooting us in the Beta-state.
At this state we can hardly hope to make contact with the universal wisdom.
This is a state where only our left-brain is active.
We are so much rooted to our physical existence, its pains and pleasures that we forget to live creatively.
If we activate our right brain and come up with imaginative alternatives, our left-brain is unable to accept them for lack of logical proof.
So, what do we do? Try this.
At this very moment take time off for ten minutes.
Ensure that you won't be disturbed during that time.
Sit back in your chair.
Better still, if you can lie down flat without a pillow, on a soft cloth spread.
Let your limbs hang loosely on the sides.
Imagine as if your body is lifeless.
For this, first concentrate on every part of the body, starting with your toes, and relax them totally.
Feel it happening.
Concentrate from toes upwards and move till you reach your head.
Imagine all your tensions evaporating through the skull into the environs.
Imagine a pure white light above your head spreading a soothing feeling all through your body from skull to feet.
At this point, imagine that you are getting out of your body.
You are taking a good look at your inert body, and with a smile on your face, you are flying through space, to a favourite haunt of yours, amidst dark blue hills, with a gentle cool breeze on your face.
There is a beautiful lake with crystal clear water, reflecting the majestic hills.
You rest under a big tree on the shores of the lake.
You are sitting here, allowing the surrounding tranquility to permeate through your entire system.
An inexplicable serenity engulfs you.
You look up to the clear blue sky and thank Nature (or any favourite form of yours) for giving you such an experience.
With such calm deeply etched in your consciousness, you slowly start your journey back with a feeling of total contentedness and reinforced confidence to face the physical world.
Enter your inert body and feel the breath entering through the nostrils, travelling through the windpipe and filling up every crevice of your lungs.
Slowly exhale, feeling the movement intensely.
Feel as if you are waking up from a deep slumber, with love for everything the world has to offer you.
Now open your eyes slowly.
So, how was this experience? Was it great? I am sure some of you would not have been able to go through the entire experience within ten minutes.
When you start imagining such things, part of your mind struggles against it.
This is one such mental block as one faces in real life situations, preventing us from taking bold creative decisions.
It could be due to the fear of the unknown, or a fear of failure, or refusal to change deep-rooted practices, or even a feeling of guilt that you have more important things than this to spend time on.
All these feelings are the workings of the left-brain, which refuses to behave in unfamiliar situations.
However, if you belonged to the small group, who could feel thoroughly refreshed after this experience, congratulations! You have just entered the world of Management by Consciousness.
Well it is not so bad for others either.
What stops you from going the full distance with this experiment is the nagging feeling that asks "what is the purpose of all this".
Simply stated, the purpose is to quieten the mind first.
This is done, by getting your mind to concentrate on the current moment only.
You are to shut out any disturbing thought totally for the moment.
It is not an easy task.
That is why we introduce the element of imagination.
We all like to indulge in a bit of daydreaming.
Here we ask you to do it without any guilt feeling.
Try it once or twice, giving a free rein to your imagination.
I promise you that you will be a gainer.
Once we quieten our mind, the brain frequency gets lowered.
The quieter your mind gets, the lower your brain frequency.
This enables you to transform your consciousness level from the bustle of Beta, to a calm Alpha or even calmer Theta level.
As mentioned in MBC Overview, when you are in Alpha and lower Theta levels, you automatically leave behind, your inhibitions, your worries and tensions.
Because, your mind starts to function with total difference.
It is not bothered about the influences of the external world, the world of five senses.
At this state, you are in the best position to get the most appropriate solutions to your problems.
Proof of this can be had only through practice.
Coming back to the experiment, the exercise is called creative visualization.
I just gave one sample.
But there are any number of such exercises available, and after some time you can device your own patterns.
Yoga Meditation is one such.
But the goal of such meditations is of a theosophical nature.
What we do in MBC is to use this relaxed state to solve our problems of the physical world.
That means, even at Alpha or Theta levels we still keep in touch with the physical world, without the associated pressures, but keeping the mind totally at rest.
Maybe you could call it as dynamic meditation.
Many courses are being conducted by renowned people on what is called Alpha Dynamics, which is the same as what we are talking about.
So, visualisation is the first step in bringing down (or taking up) your consciousness level from Beta to Alpha and on to Theta.
But, it is easier said than done.
Many procedures are available these days.
Like Jose Silva's "Mind Control Method", which is one of the best practical methods.
Now, for your practice to be successful, there are a few basic requirements.
At this stage we enter the most important step of MBC - namely, tuning your intellect.
This is when you have to consciously make the head rule over the mind.
First, you must develop a sincere desire to acquire this skill to solve your problems.
(Later on, you will be required to concentrate on a specific problem, once you are able to have considerable success with your generic problems).
If you don't have a keen desire to succeed, then you are up against a wall.
Secondly, you must honestly believe that you can solve the problems.
At first your mind may revolt against this idea.
Maybe, out of arrogance or timidity, but, simply follow the rule.
A couple of original experiences will strengthen your belief further.
Finally you must trust that there is a beautiful solution, and that it will be revealed to you at the appropriate time positively.
Revealed by whom, you may ask.
Call it your 'other side', as Mr.
Silva puts it.
It is the other side of your consciousness, that part of which you are unaware of, during your existence in the physical world.
We may call it as the superconscious state.
A state in which your energy vibrations freely travel through the universe, in search of a matching answer to your problems.
So, the sum total of Management by Consciousness is the fine-tuning of our thought process to be at absolute ease, to solve our problems of the physical world.
To be at ease, at every instant of our existence, is our natural state.
But our mind is diseased most of the time, due to the pressures of the physical world.
This makes us forget our natural state and the great potential we are born with.
In this article, we have discussed, in a very generic way, the various steps involved in regaining our natural state.
To sum up: - - Step 1.
Be aware that you are part of a great design, that is, Nature.
All the answers you need are there already, in this vast universe.
- Step 2.
Your body is a most important tool to start with.
Listen to its warnings and keep it healthy.
- Step 3.
Question your thoughts whenever negative emotions surface.
Try to achieve equanimity and develop a positive attitude.
Think of the current moment only, and practice creative visualisation daily at specific times.
- Step 4.
Develop a keen sincere desire to solve your problems.
Acquire a solid belief that you CAN solve your problems.
Top these with the unflinching trust that Nature will present you with the right solution at the appropriate time.
- Step 5.
Consolidate your initial successes with steadfast practice.
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