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Dog Mange Home Treatment

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    • Brushing out your dog's fur in regular intervals is an effective form of prevention, and also helps to remove the scaly skin and scabs in their coat caused by mange.

    Topical Solutions

    • Wash your dog weekly with a mixture of 2 tablespoons of borax and 2 cups of 1 percent hydrogen peroxide. Plain yogurt that contains the probiotic acidophilus also has proven effective in treating mange occurring in the ear.


    • The Natural Dog Health Remedies website recommends feeding your dog a diet rich in "high quality, all natural food." Dark leafy vegetables rich in Vitamin E and Vitamin C also may help relieve some of your furry friend's more painful symptoms, and help to improve the appearance of the dog's coat.


    • Sasparilla and licorice root supplements work to minimize the bacterial infection caused by mange and also help to boost your dog's immune system.


    • Stop treatments immediately and contact a veterinarian if your pet begins to exhibit any signs of weight loss and dehydration.

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