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Quitting Too Early? It"s Amazing What You Can Accomplish If You Just Stick With It!

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At the time experts tell you that being successful is all about being fulfilled and they make it sound so complicated.
You always see someone preaching the latest greatest thing, and the best way to speed up your productivity and to take control of your life or latest fad that will bring about success.
Just sticking with something long enough to make it work will often bring it closer to success than any magic tool you could buy.
Trust me, I bought them.
During the last 15 years, I can safely say that I spent more than $50,000 on products, training courses, educational systems, fly by night rip-off scams, motivational material and seminars, and invest in people who were nothing short of charlatans.
Not often has been said to me that all it took would be just persistence in one particular field, and the determination to stick it out until you had the experience and skills necessary to make it work.
Success isn't sexy.
It's all about doing the basics and doing them excellently and passionately and consistently.
It's just amazing how far you will get by doing something long enough.
I started playing the guitar close to 15 years ago to.
When I first began, even during the first five years I still was not very good at the damn thing.
And to this day, I still don't consider myself anywhere near an expert.
But I'll tell you all something, I'm a lot better than anyone who had never started playing because quit within the first six weeks.
So what is it that you will become good at? Just remember don't complicate things, getting the best out of life is not complicated at all.
It's quite simple.
Not easy, but simple.
It just takes focus on some effort put in the right place and we'll get where we want to go.
Things that will keep you working towards your goal and staying on track things like being positive, taking responsibility for what works and what doesn't, treating people well, working hard, being a leader, getting up early, setting goals and speaking the truth.
Become self disciplined and save your money.
If your health and value your family and friends.
You probably already know what I'm talking about.
It's these basic things that keep you moving in the right direction.
Stop looking to the next thing that will save you money or make you rich, because they're all just making someone else rich.
Get in there and do the work spend the time and get we want to go.
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